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Cubic Rug Launch at Focus 15

Design Inspiration

Cubic rug plays on the visual three dimensional aspect brought about by the interesting angles within the design. A mixture of different fibres within each section enhances the effect. Designed by well known rug designer Jules Brinton the Cubic rug was launched at Focus 15 in Chelsea Harbour and is available in six standard colours but can also be made in any bespoke colour of your choice to suit your interior.

Bespoke Cubic Rug

Cubic rug is highly adaptable and can be made in any size or shape to fit your home. It also comes in a variety of different qualities, colours, fibres and finishes to ensure we meet everyone’s needs. For a design briefing meeting just call us on 020 7349 1560 or Email [email protected] and we can ensure your rug is prepared just the way you want it.

Wool Classics Rugs

Cubic Rug is just one of thousands of rugs on offer at Wool Classics where we have the widest selection of rugs available. Every rug is created to fit your home so there is no room for compromise, you tell us exactly what you want and we deliver precisely that. You also choose how your rug is made, so if your home contains seven riotous children you might choose a thick easy to clean wool rug, whereas if you just want to indulge yourself, then the softest pure silk brings total luxury to any room. All you need is a little imagination and we will do the rest.