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Axminster Escargot

Axminster Escargot


Axminster Escargot – Stair Runner

Axminster Escargot – Stair Runner From Hartley & Tissier Stair Runner From Hartley & Tissier is a woven cut pile Axminster carpet made from 80% Wool and 20% Nylon, produced at 4.00 m wide.. Axminster Escargot – Stair Runner is available in 4 colours.

It can be used at this width to make stair or corridor runners or can be invisibly joined to form rugs or wall-to-wall carpets.

The minimum order quantity of 20 Linear Metres.

Product Description

Pile Content – 80% Wool & 20% Nylon

Construction – Axminster Woven Pile

Width –  4.00 m

Colour – Only available in stock colours

To get a quote on the Axminster Escargot – Stair Runner, please email sales@woolclassics.com