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Bubbles Rug WCD01987

Bubbles Rug WCD01987


Product Description

The Bubbles rug is a playful design created for Children’s rooms. Bubbles rug is part of the Focus 15 rug collection from the fashionable rug designer Jules Brinton at Wool Classics. Bubbles rug comes in three standard colours but can be recoloured to any colour of your choice to suit your interior.  We can also resize or reshape the rug to fit your home perfectly. Our service is entirely adaptable for your needs.

Wool Classics is based in Chelsea Harbour (211 Harbour Yard London SW10 0XD) and is one of the UK’s best known rug and carpet manufacturers. We can weave rugs in a choice of fibres and like to adapt everything we do to suit our clients. To book an appointment to have your rug designed just call 020 7349 1560 or Email [email protected].