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Cubic Rug WCD01990-7

Cubic Rug WCD01990-7


Product Description

Design Inspiration

Cubic Rug is a fun three dimensional rug playing on cubic angles to create a visual feast. Designed by Jules Brinton cubic rug is part of the Focus 15 Rug collection from Wool Classics which has been launched at the 2015 Focus Design event in Chelsea Harbour. Cubic rug is available in six standard colourways, but can also be recoloured to suit your interior. In creating the design Jules took inspiration from the tiled floor in his bathroom which features a traditional cubic feel but then mixed it up by playing with the reflections in the different angles.

Bespoke Cubic Rug

Cubic rug, like all Wool Classics rugs can be entirely changed to suit your interior scheme. The colours can all be varied to match your interior, the shape and size is entirely chosen by you to make sure it perfectly fits the room, then you can select the pile yarns from wool, silk or viscose and decided how high they should be or carve into the yarn to create greater texture. To book a bespoke design consultation simply call 020 7349 1560 or Email [email protected] anytime.