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Islamic Geometric Design WCD00738-3

Islamic Geometric Design WCD00738-3


Product Description

Islamic Geometric Design.  The Islamic influence on rugs and carpets is by far the greatest design theme dating back thousands of years and offering a rich and intricate choice. We also offer some contemporary Islamic geometric versions paying homage to the history whilst bringing a modern theme.

Wool Classics manufactures the highest quality rugs and carpets. From traditional to modern, our carpets and rugs can be made to your specific design and colour scheme. Explore our design library, create a bespoke design or have us replicate a vintage pattern.

Our reputation for producing high-quality, bespoke carpets and rugs is known worldwide. If you are a member of the design trade and wish to partner with us on a design project, just give us a call. You may also email us to schedule an appointment. Telephone: 02073491560 or Email [email protected]