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Lace Runner

Lace Runner


A runner is a pattern which repeats and can be used along the length of a corridor or stairway. In this case the lace pattern repeats every 36cm bringing a feminine touch to your interior.


Product Description

Bring glamour and sensuality to your corridors and stairs with the lace inspired runner. It can be made in panels or as one long runner and can be recoloured or rescaled to suit your interior. Whilst shown here in achromatic grey tones it can be very subtle in shades of beige. We can weave our runners any width to make sure it fits your home perfectly.

The Wool Classics Lace collection is a series of rug designs created by Jules Brinton, which are designed to be customised or adapted to suit the interior into which they are destined. Colours are selected at the start so that the rug fits perfectly with the interior. We can work from our standard tuft-box of 1200 colours or we can match to existing fabrics or colour swatches. Each rug is shaped and sized to perfectly fit the space into which is required, we do not believe that one size fits all and fibre selection should take into account not only the taste and desire of the client, but also their environment and domestic circumstance. There is no point in putting a cream silk rug under a toddler’s high chair and expect it to remain one colour! We can also adapt the shape of any rug so it doesn’t have to be a rectangle if a circle or oval would look better.  Wool Classics believes that every job is unique and you should be able to have exactly what you want.

Sample Service

If you would like a sample created of any of these designs in the colour and style of your choice, simply Email me and I will adapt it for you.  Samples take around 10 days to produce but give you a precise impression of the rug you will get.