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Quantum is a fabulous luxury hand tufted carpet made from 100% mercerised cotton, which is a polished cotton which looks similar to silk. This gives a beautiful shine which develops into a amazing marbled effect on the floor and grows in character as you use it. Quantum comes in either 10mm pile height (Quantum 10) or 14mm (Quantum 14) and is a densely woven fabric which is incredibly soft.  This can make it less practical in homes which suffer heavy wear where we would recommend a wool carpet or rug. Quantum can be fully installed wall to wall or made up as a rug and is made to a precise shape or size to fit the requirement of the area concerned. Thus you will have a zero wastage factor with this product.

Quantum Colours

The rug can be made in any colour imaginable.  If you want us to match a colour within your interior palette you can select from our 600 colour tuft-box. Alternatively you can provide us with a colour or fabric sample and we will match it for you. We also have a standard bank of colours which you can choose from anytime. These are displayed in our showroom in Chelsea Harbour.

Quantum Installation

It works well as both a loose laid rug or a fitted carpet. When choosing whether you want it fully fitted or loose laid we decide between finishing the piece with a selvedge which ensures the edge cannot ever fray on a loose laid rug or to have an unfinished edge which ensures a perfect fit around the perimeter of your room. Be assured that we will advise you every step of the way about the best way to install your Quantum to ensure it always looks beautiful. If you are choosing a loose laid rug, we can also supply anti-slip underlay which both protects your rug and ensures a safer home.

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Product Description

Pile Content – 100% Mercerised Cotton

Construction –  Hand Tufted

Width – Custom

Colour – Selection of stock colours or a colour of your choice

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