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Tunnel Vision Rug

Tunnel Vision Rug



Product Description

Design Inspiration

Tunnel Vision Rug is a geometric pattern, intended to deceive the eye and appear three dimensional. Designed by Jules Brinton, Tunnel Vision Rug is part of the Focus 15 Collection from Wool Classics based in Chelsea Harbour. Jules has always loved geometrics and finds the textural depth of these designs can bring a room to life creating a focus within the room. This design also looks very effective when the pattern is shown by using matt wool as one colour and matching shiny viscose in the same colour as the second colour. This creates a fantastically textured effect.


Tunnel Vision rug comes in six standard colours, but can be re-coloured to suit your interior, just bring down the colours or fabrics used in the interior and we will match them. The rug can be made any size to suit the interior it is going into. It can also be reshaped although this design does not lend itself to non geometric shapes. It can be made in a variety of fibres from wool through to silk or a blend of different fibres.  Wool Classics offers a full bespoke service ensuring you get exactly what you want. The design library acts as a catalyst encouraging clients to explore styles they like they personalising them with their own colours, size, shape, yarns, carving or other textural effects. To start your creative process simply call us on 020 7349 1560 or Email [email protected] to arrange a design consultation. This is a free service and we look forward to welcoming you soon.