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Wave Rug-WCD01986

Wave Rug-WCD01986


Product Description

Design Inspiration

Wave rug is a wonderful flowing rug design which has gently flowing lines running down the length. Designed by Jules Brinton, the wave rug is part of the Focus 15 Rug collection from Wool Classics.  It comes in 6 standard colours and can be made to any size to suit your interior. The design was inspired by a metal window grate I saw in Venice a few years ago, I loved the flowing lines intricately crossing each other and making new patterns.

Bespoke Wave Rug

Wave rug can also be made in any bespoke colours to suit your interior scheme. To create your own version simply call us on 020 7349 1560 or Email [email protected] to arrange a design consultancy and we will match the fabrics and colours in your interior to the colours in your rug. As well as selecting colours you can also choose different fibres such as wool silk or viscose, have the design carved or raise and choose between cut or loop pile or a mixture of the two. We like the fact that every rug is different and unique like a work of art.