Wool Classics

Designer Collections

If designing a rug from scratch is not your cup of tea, we offer a wide selection of designs from different designers each with their own unique signature.

Our Managing Director has been designing rugs since he was a school-boy, brought about by being a seventh generation carpet manufacturer, so now in his middle age he has created various collections based on his own passions.  Lace is a stylish take on a risqué fashion, normally hidden to lingerie, however this is interpreted in beautiful silks to create a very evocative collection. Wadi Rum was created in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan carefully researched by Jules over 10 days with nothing but a horse, a tent and a paintbrush and evokes the enormity of the rock forms there, weathered by time and almost mystical creation.

Wool Classics enjoys working in collaboration with some of the worlds leading designers and we are proud to offer some wonderfully designed rugs with very different signatures.



I have been fascinated by lace since I was a child. We lived in Paris and there were antique markets at the weekends along the banks of the river Seine where the stalls were covered in stunning lace table cloths. As I grew up my fascination spread to lingerie and even now my dream job would be Design Director for Agent Provocateur! These designs all pay homage to my love of Lace and can be made any colour to suit your interior. Many of the designs suit being made in hand knotted silk as the close up image below shows.


Anyway enjoy the collection and call me so we can adapt the look to suit your interior. Jules B