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Wool Classics


Wool Classics operates within numerous market sectors and has a global reach for its products.

The following sectors are key aspects of our business. In each case we have sector specific specialists who understand your market and knows how to service it. Please call us for further details.


Wool Classics has been a trend leader in the residential flooring market since it was founded in the 1990's and still sets the pace in interior fashion. To stay ahead we launch several new collections every year and study interiors and fashion trend forecasts to keep us on the mark. If you are seeing new ideas in the magazines you will find them at Wool Classics.

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Wool Classics is a leading provider of carpet and rugs to the global hospitality market. With bespoke axminster, wilton, tufted, hand tufted and hand knotted and weaving in a multitude of different fibres Wool Classics can offer superb design and high quality floor-covering including full installation anywhere on the globe.

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Wool Classics has a full bespoke design service capable of creating the most stunning interiors and manufacturing which stretches from tufted through wilton and axminster to hand tufted and hand knotted. We work in a variety of different yarns and offer one of the most flexible and sensibly priced services in the world.

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Cars require very specialist carpets and rugs which form around the shape of the floor-pan. To achieve this requires specialist templating and unique manufacturing methods to get a perfect finish. Wool Classics specialises in bespoke carpets and rugs for all makes of vehicle both modern, classic and vintage.

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