Wool Classics


Wool Classics has a full bespoke design service capable of creating the most stunning interiors and manufacturing which stretches from tufted through wilton and axminster to hand tufted and hand knotted. We work in a variety of different yarns and offer one of the most flexible and sensibly priced services in the world.

When it comes to commercial projects Wool Classics offers a full bespoke service designed to meet the needs of the modern designer. Our initial design turnaround time is a few hours and samples and pegboards can be made in a few days. We have a highly flexible manufacturing facility where we are all about saying yes to our clients. We also understand that need to keep creating something new and different from everyone else, so we have mastered different manufacturing techniques in order to differentiate us from the rest. If you have a commercial project simply call us and one of our team will be with you the same day.

We have a huge breadth of experience in a variety of different environments. We are a popular choice in the hospitality market having installed carpets and rugs in hotels and restaurants throughout the world. We also have great experience in the high end office market, carpeting Boardrooms and executive offices everywhere. If you are looking for a nylon tile then we can recommend other suppliers, but if you want high quality axminster, wilton or hand tufted carpet then we can achieve amazing results.



Our design team understands the rich nuance from getting an executive area looking just right, smart but not too corporate, muted but not colour free.



We also understand scale and the importance of creating designs which are practical (coffee proof!)