Wool Classics

Coworth Park, Ascot, United Kingdom

Coworth Park in Berkshire is one of the UK's finest hotels and the design brief was simple - make it the finest interior ever. Design by Fox Linton Associates, Wool Classics were delighted to design and manufacture all the carpets throughout the hotel, including featuring wall to wall hand knotted silk carpets in the restaurant and public areas!


Designing the carpets and rugs for Coworth Park was a total pleasure as the focus was all on getting the look just right rather than trying to work within a budget, so we were able to explore a far wider flooring experience as a result. It is very rare to work with hand knotted silk carpets in a restaurant yet that is exactly what we did and the outcome was spectacular.

Wedding 1

The designs vary from the organic to the zany but always stylish and interesting.  Each suite is unique so obviously the carpets and rugs were each tailored to suit the room in question. It made the job for the photographer much harder!

Blue suite 3

There is nothing boring about the designs, each is a statement in itself.

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The corridors varied between leather bound edged runners or wall to wall flatweave creating a highly contemporary feel.

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One of the most telling aspects of the success of this project is how often people walk into our showroom and say they want the same carpet they saw in Coworth Park for their own home. This is a project which just keeps giving!

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