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Moth Treatments.

Whilst we love protecting the planet and nature, we would rather these little pests didn’t eat high quality Wool Classics products and instead targeted homes with cheaper carpet, so we have developed a deterrent system to protect your home.

One of the worst threats to your carpet is the moth. The webbing moth (Tineola Bisselliella) is a small gold or brown moth which will lay its eggs in carpets or clothes especially wool, silk, fur and their larvae will feed on the fibre once born leaving you with a damaged carpet.

Protect your carpets & rugs, preserve your peace of mind - get in touch for expert moth repellent solutions!

The Wool Classics Moth treatment is designed to prevent moths from considering your carpet as it uses essential oils which the moths detest to “ruin” the food for their larvae. If your carpet smells bad to the moth they will not lay their eggs in it or use it for breeding. This is backed up by a secondary chemical which deters the moths themselves. Our treatment is a topical spray which dries onto the carpet protecting it for 6 – 12 months. In the event of an existing infestation, we would recommend more frequent treatments depending on the severity of the problem.