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Sustainably Sourced, Always.

Founded to address the shortcomings of plant fibre floor coverings, we pioneered carpets that replicated the look of sisal and coir but offered the durability, comfort, and warmth of wool.

Our brand name reflects the timeless nature of wool and our commitment to environmental responsibility. See our film below, suitably titled 'An Introduction to Wool' featuring our very own Master of Wool, Julian Brinton.

We believe in the true value of protecting our planet and only create carpets and rugs with raw materials sourced purely from nature. We reject the use of petrochemical materials and man-made fibres in all aspects of our production to ensure 100% biodegradability and organic composition.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond sourcing high-quality wools for our surface yarns, we also choose natural fibres such as cotton and jute in our backing yarns and dye our pile yarns using natural dyes. Our looms are powered by solar energy, making our carpet and rug manufacturing fully sustainable and organic.

Wool Classics is a family-owned and managed business, run by the Brinton family who have been weaving carpet since 1783, engineering their sustainable carpets to last as long as possible. We offer a curated selection of beautiful carpets and rugs from stock, with the flexibility to design, dye, and weave bespoke creations to suit your specific needs.

Julian Brinton has led Wool Classics since 2012, bringing with him a 23-year career at Brintons Limited. The company had a rich history of carpeting iconic buildings globally, including royal palaces, the White House, the Kremlin, Sydney Opera House, and the Vatican as well as thousands of hotels world-wide. Today our focus is on using only natural materials and aligns with our dedication to protecting the environment, setting us apart from the rest of the industry.