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Quantum - Sucrette

  • Constructions
  • Hand Tufted
  • Materials
  • Mercerised Cotton
  • Width
  • Custom

We invented Quantum in 2007 when we were asked to develop some interesting products for the Bond 22 film Quantum of Solace. The set builders asked us to create new products which were "ahead of their time" in the carpet world and this allowed us to get our creative hats on and come up with some wonderful new ideas. Working with Eon Productions was a huge privilege and whilst our carpet was clearly not the star of the film we were deeply honoured to feature in the background!
Quantum was born from using cotton as the main fibre in the pile yarn, but polishing and strengthening it to make it suitable for use as a carpet. Cotton works brilliantly as a fibre in say bathroom towels, but in flooring it tended to flatten very quickly. The mercerising process involves passing the fibre through a cold solution of caustic soda which causes the fibres to swell and add tensile strength. We then packed more tufts into the surface and by polishing the yarn created an amazing moody looking pile finish.
Quantum is made bespoke for each project and can be made up in any rectangular dimension. It can be finished with a cut edge for fully fitted or a selvedge for a rug finish edge. It can also be dyed into any colour you can imagine, but we do have some standard colour choices to make your life easier.

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