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Tweed Harris - Grey

  • Constructions
  • Wilton
  • Materials
  • 100% Pure Wool
  • Width
  • 4.00m

Tweed is a wonderful fully organic wilton carpet which is the epitome of Wool Classic philosophy. Firstly it is made in a factory entirely powered by solar on a loom built in the 1950's and used purely organic raw materials in both the surface and the backing of the carpet. Pure new wool on the surface, cotton and jute in the backing. The colours are dyed using organic plant based dyes not heavy chemical dyes meaning the colours are softer and better for the environment. Tweed is a selection of twenty colours and designs each of which is tailored to suit your interior perfectly. Our colours blend seamlessly into the most popular schemes in today's interiors and bring a subtle calmness to any room without the dullness of a plain carpet. Tweed is a loop pile finish with a heavy wear performance.

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